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Card Counting System

From this simple example follow two interesting conclusions:

1. Strategic favorabilities depend not strictly on the proportion of different cards in the deck, but really on the absolute numbers.

2. every card counting system aver created would misplay at least one of these situation because the value of card counting parameter would be same in each case

The mathematical analysis of Online Blackjack Games strategies is only in rare instances what might be called an "exact science." Some questions, particularly those related to the insurance bet, can be easily ansired with complete certainty by direct and exhaustive probability calculations. in theory all questions can be so addressed but in practice the required computer time is prohibitive.

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Perilous Play
Another good place to find a "one shot" private game is at a professional convention. Among a group of bored conventioneers you will surely find some who have arranged a "friendly" game. Usually such games are either pure candy or traps for the unwary (that is, either great or terrible). Bored, rich professionals make easy poker targets, but anytime something looks too good to be true, it usually is.
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