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Slowly in Multiple Decks

Isee that the last few cards of a multiple deck can be slightly more favorable for both betting and playing variations than the corresponding residue from a single deck. Hoiver, it must be kept in mind that such situations are averaged over the entire deck when assessing overall favorability. An interesting consequence of this is that even if one had the time to count down an infinite deck, it would do no good since the slightly spicier situations at the end would still average out to zero. When i recall that the basic multiple deck games are inherently less advantageous, the necessity of a very wide betting range must be recognized.

Absolute efficiencies of card counting systems will decrease mildly, perhaps by three per cent for four decks. Since this decrease will generally be uniform over most aspects of the games, relative standings of different systems should not differ appreciably from those quoted

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Keep That Bankroll
The players are tougher, and if you've really established a poker bankroll and it has been shrinking, one or two bad sessions at the new higher limit could wipe you out. Many players have a hard time resisting the "get it back in a hurry" attitude that one often sees in craps or blackjack players, but it's a bad mistake.

I have seen losing players move up because they claim they are playing too loosely at the lower limit and they know the higher limit will keep them in line. There's just enough truth in this line of thinking to make it dangerous. You shouldn't have to rely on game size to make you play well. If you have so little self control that you can't keep yourself from playing weak starting hands unless you are playing for uncomfortably high stakes, some other kind of error will almost certainly doom you in the bigger game.
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