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Steaming can often be used to good advantage near the end of a pack just before the shuffle. If a pit boss suspects you're on tilt, he may instruct the dealer to go ahead and deal another round rather than risk your regaining your senses during the two minutes the dealer is shuffling. Steamers generally have to leave when the dealer does finally shuffle since the advantage is gone.

Tipping, or "toking" as the dealers call it, is a subject that doesn't receive too much attention in most Online Blackjack Games websites. On the face of it, tipping has an expectation of -100%. If you tip, that money is lost. For most card counters, this rules out tipping completely.

But beneath the surface, it's not always true that tipping is worthless, and indeed in some instances, tipping may have value. Certainly if you want to look like a tourist who's in town for a good time, it would not be unreasonable to make tipping a part of your act. It may allow you to play longer without any heat from the pit.

Some players try to use tipping to increase deck penetration. It's our opinion that tipping for this purpose in shoe games is not usually effective. If a tip causes the dealer to act on your behalf (place the cut card lower in the shoe) at all, the small gain will probably not make up for the cost of the tip.

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Winning Streaks and Losing Streaks
Although players are more likely to exaggerate wins than losses, they aren't above exaggerating the tough times to elicit sympathy. Poker players have very selective memories. Maybe he's lost 15 out of the last 20 plays and doesn't remember the wins or discounts them because they didn't add up to as much as he lost.

If you were in a very volatile game and you played in a high-variance way, it's quite conceivable that you could lose on average three times out of four and still be a big winner in the long run. As long as your losses are smaller than your wins, you can lose more than half the time and still be a winner.
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