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Other Ideas

Cover plays are an interesting camouflage idea. Cover plays are typically either bets or plays made at incorrect times. For example, with a running count of +4, we'd like to make a big bet. However, if the pit boss is breathing down our neck, the large wager might be our last. Under these conditions, it might be appropriate to make a cover bet of a single unit. The play is made to throw off the pit personnel in case they too are counting the game.

Another popular cover play is to make a big wager right after the shuffle. Even if the pit personnel are not counting, they know that a player has no advantage off the top in a freshly shuffled game. So making a big bet at this point is a way for a card counter to say, "Look, the count means nothing to me."

Still other cover plays involve the actual play of the hand. Every once in a while, hopefully with a small bet out, you may want to make a slightly incorrect play. This should be done only if you know that someone is analyzing your play. And even in this case it should not be overdone, as every incorrect play costs you money.49

Overall, you need to stick to the game plan. Any deviation from it costs money. If you insist on making frequent cover plays, then you will not be successful. It's time to work on your overall act.

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Tight Players
What kind of personality traits would lead to tight play? You can, of course, invert most of the characteristics previously for loose players and have a good tight play hint, so I won't go through all those again. Still, there are a few special traits worth mentioning (and yes, their opposites are usually good clues to looseness).

If someone is immaculately groomed and/or dressed, he's probably not going to be that sloppy about the way he plays poker. Someone who neither drinks too much nor smokes at all is probably a decent bet to be a tight player. Part of the drinking equation is obvious. There aren't too many drunks who play conservative waiting games. Even one or two cocktails offers a clue, though. Most serious players won't touch a drop of alcohol when playing. They don't want their judgment impaired.
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