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If you have a head-on game and the dealer is giving you good penetration, stay and play through negative counts. But if the table fills up, leave on the next negative count.

Though head-on games are best, you will generally play with one to three other players at the table because you will not find enough head-on games. But those other players have to play quickly. Do not stay in a game with slow players - on the next negative count you should be gone.

You might prefer a high-limit table. Those tables offer better opportunities for getting head-on games. And the other players, if there are any, generally play faster at high-limit games.

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You've heard tell of tells throughout this text, because they're so important.
A thorough study of tells can and has taken more than an entire book, and I can't hope to cover it in depth here. Instead, let's look at a few of the more reliable ones although be warned, the more reliable the tell, the harder good players have worked either to eliminate it, or to mimic it whenever they want to.
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