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Other Opportunities

Keep your eyes open for other opportunities. For example, a few years ago at Bingo Palace in Las Vegas a pit boss occasionally showed the dealer's hole card! It happened to me. The dealer's upcard was 3. The pit boss flipped the dealer's two cards over, and then the upcard was 4 (and the 3 was the hole card). Since I knew that I was playing against a total of seven, I hit my hard fifteen. I asked the dealer about this strange action of the pit boss. The answer was that Bingo Palace pit bosses did this frequently as a form of advertising.

Peter Giles says:

I found a dealer who simply could not add to 21. I busted several times and put my cards under my chips. She paid me every time. Everyone was laughing and she was looking around blankly, perhaps wondering what the joke was.

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The Trembling Hand
The tremble comes from a release of tension, because the bettor knows he's going to get paid off on his big hand.
It is most certainly true that good players have learned how to mimic this tell-doing so is far easier than learning how to control one's eye pupils. No "general" tell is 100 percent reliable. This is a pretty good one, though, especially when dealing with intermittent, intermediate-level players.
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