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Other Ideas

Some counters subscribe to a maximum-damage commando type of philosophy. In this Arnold Schwarzenegger frame of mind, the counter goes in knowing he will play only, perhaps, 30 minutes, then leave. The idea is to go in with reckless abandon concerning his bet spread. Sure, the casino will eventually pick up on what he's doing, but hopefully he'll be gone by then. This technique is obviously not recommended if playing in an area with only a few casinos, since you'll soon run out of places to play.

Another technique sometimes employed is steaming. Steaming means pretending to be so emotionally charged up in the game that you can’t control your wagering. It works well for getting more money on the table when the count is very high. The idea is to pretend to be so flustered that you start to lose control, wagering more and more.

Let's say the count is high and you make a correspondingly large wager of $100. You lose the hand. Muttering and cursing to yourself you reach into your pocket and pull out $200 in cash. Rather than bet a portion, you throw it down in an apparent attempt to get the first $100 back. You lose again, but the count is even higher. You act incensed; your hands start to shake a little as you reach in and grab another wad of bills. How much? Nobody knows. You throw it down and angrily say, "Bet it all." Mission accomplished. Win or lose, you've just managed to continually increase your wager in a favorable situation.

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The Old "I Couldn't (are Less" Play)
Obviously you're not interested in what's going on at your table; if you do stay it, you'll be handicapped by a lack of knowledge about who did what.
In a pig's eye, you will, because actually you were exercising the same skills you practiced in high school when you spent every moment studying the girl or boy of your dreams but had to be sure she or he couldn't notice you were watching.
Sometimes not paying attention means paying very close attention surreptitiously and sometimes it means you're not paying attention. It's a good idea to spend some time carefully studying your opponents on hands in which you have absolutely no interest, because that way, if you study them later when you are interested, they don't know if you're sending another false signal or not.
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