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Penetration, or how far down into the pack the dealer goes before shuffling, is extremely important. we always knew it was important, but we learned from the mass of simulations we have done that penetration is more important than we had previously realized.

The reason penetration is so important is that the rare occasions when your advantage gets very high - say 5% or more - are always toward the end of the pack. If penetration is lousy, or if a deck or two has already been used before you start counting, you are not going to get a situation of very high advantage. And situations of very high advantage are what you should be looking for.

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Bad Reasons to Change Your Seat
Cards are not drawn to seats like metal to magnets.

Similarly, losing several hands in a row is not reason enough to change seats, especially if you're positioned properly against weak and strong players. If someone tells you "You're sitting in the death seat, no one has won a hand there all day," that's not by itself reason to change. It may be that the existing players are trying to intimidate you. Such a warning should, though, alert you to table dynamics that might be making a seat a tough one.
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