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Most bets are paid at even money. If you bet $10 and beat the dealer, you win $10. An exception: Online Blackjack Gamess-two-card 21s consisting of an Ace and either a 10, Jack, Queen, or King-pay three to two. Your $10 bet wins you $15 if you have Online Blackjack Games and the dealer doesn't

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Good Reasons to Change Your Seat
. For example, if the player on your left apparently has a good read on you and seems to raise whenever you have a weak hand and a seat to his left opens up, you probably want it so that he'll act before you. If the dynamics of the game change and you see a better strategic position is or will be available, you may want to change. If the player on either side of you insists on carrying on a conversation to the point that you cannot concentrate, you may want another seat.

It might seem obvious, but you're unlikely to play your best poker if you're physically uncomfortable. If you're stuck between two large people, or smokers, or are having trouble seeing the board, try to change your seat.
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