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Peek and Burn

This technique also comes from Mr. A., who claims to have seen it used in Las Vegas. After finishing hitting his own hand, the dealer peeks at the top card. Various ways of peeking are explained in the many websites and videocassettes on cheating. If the top card is an ace or 10, the dealer sloughs it off when picking up the used cards. If the top card is a not an ace or 10, the dealer does not discard it, but deals it out in the normal manner.

Mr. A. says the peek and burn was used against a high-stakes Online Blackjack Games player who was playing alone at a table. The effect is he got considerably less than his fair share of good hands since many of the aces and 10s he should have gotten instead ended up with the discards. First base at a busy table would suffer the same fate. The other players at a busy table would be hurt to the extent that they would be playing with a deck poor in aces and 10s, but they would not be hurt as badly as the first player to receive cards.

You undoubtedly have heard of dealing seconds, and you might be wondering why a dealer who wants to cheat would bother with the peek and burn because peeking and dealing seconds gets the money faster. The answer is that dealing undetectable seconds is a difficult skill to master. Sloughing off a card is easier. So a dealer who wants to cheat but who does not want to devote the time to master seconds might attempt the peek and burn.

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Several western states have casinos devoted almost solely to poker. California is the largest of these, with the best variety and selection of games. Riverboats, whether those rare ones that actually cruise or the more common permanently docked variety, focus primarily on the more lucrative casino-type games. Some have cardrooms which don't even operate full-time, having to yield space on high-attendance days to the other games.
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