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A reader says:

At a major Las Vegas casino a young dealer named Paul was blatantly peeking at the next card to be dealt, ostensibly for the benefit of a pretty female player who was toking heavily. Paul had the audacity to call for insurance before taking a hole card, peek at the top card, and then deal himself a natural after his female friend put up an insurance bet! I did not catch him dealing seconds, but the peek was obvious. It seemed like just "good-natured" cheating, but it is kind of scary to think that a dealer can be so blatant and not worry about being caught. When the girl hit a hard seventeen with a $5 toke riding on the hand and caught a 10 to bust her hand, Paul looked at her hand, said "You can't hit a seventeen," and put the 10 in the discard rack, handing her back her seventeen.

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In limit games, all bets proceed in increments, or multiples, of the limit. More than one structure exists in limit games, but one thing is always true: Bets always proceed in equal increments on each round. The most common structure is two-tier.

For example, in a $2-4 hold'em game, bets proceed in the first two rounds in multiples of $2 and in the second two rounds in multiples of $4. The first player to enter a pot has two choices: open for $2 (limp) or $4 (raise). If the first player opens for $2, the next player has three choices: fold, call $2, or raise to $4. If the first player opens for a raise to $4, the next player still has three choices: fold, call $4, or raise to $6. Each player in turn has those three choices: fold, call the preceding bet, or raise by $2.
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