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Intertwine and Zippers
Pick size refers to the number of cards "picked" by the dealer as he goes through the shuffle process. Small pick size can limit the length of clumps and contribute to short-clumped dealer-biased games during crowded conditions.

Intertwine is also part of the shuffle process. It's concerned with how the cards are "laced" together as the dealer shuffles two clumps together. The tightest intertwine would be one card from each hand alternating as the two clumps are shuffled together.

Zippers are alternating high and low cards, such as K, 3, J, 5, 10, 4, and so on. A tight intertwine, which can be common among but not necessarily limited to relatively inexperienced dealers, can create a lot of zippers that result from the shuffling of a high-card clump into a low-card clump. These zippers frequently appear as transition zones between high-card and low-card clumps. These games can often be easy to "read" although not necessarily easy to beat.

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No-limit betting is easier to figure out than pot-limit. On your turn you can always bet any amount up to the size of your stack. The minimum bet is always the size of the big blind; the maximum is the size of your stack.
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