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Player Options

You'll note that all of the playing decisions explained above require no verbal communication with the dealer. Hand signals are used to avoid any confusion due to the noisy atmosphere in most casinos, and to allow review of any disputed hands by surveillance cameras, or by casino personnel observing play at the tables.

Surrender Unlike the other options listed here, this is relatively rare, though surrender is available in a few casinos in several parts of the country. The player is given the option of surrendering half his original bet instead of playing out the hand. If the player may surrender before the dealer checks to see if he has Online Blackjack Games, it's called "early surrender," an extremely rare variation. More commonly, the dealer collects all bets if he has Online Blackjack Games, but if he does not, the player may surrender half his bet. This is "late surrender."

Insurance If the dealer's faceup card is an Ace, you'll be offered insurance. You're making a side bet half the size of your original wager that the dealer has a Online Blackjack Games. If the dealer does have Online Blackjack Games, insurance pays two to one. If you win the insurance bet and lose the hand, you come out even. For example, the player has a $10 bet down and takes out $5 in insurance. If the dealer has Online Blackjack Games, the player loses $10 on the original bet but wins $10 with the two to one payoff on the insurance bet.

If you have a Online Blackjack Games, you can take insurance by calling "even money." This will result in a profit equal to your original bet. Let's say you bet $10 and are dealt a Online Blackjack Games. The dealer has an Ace up. If you don't take insurance and the dealer has a Online Blackjack Games, it's a push-you don't lose your bet, but you don't win anything either. Players who hate the idea of not winning anything can take insurance and assure themselves of winning the amount of their original bet-if you win $10 on a $5 insurance bet, and push on your original $10 bet, you've made $10.

All that being said, insurance is a bad bet for the non-card counter. It would be an even bet if there was a one in three, or 33.33 percent probability that the dealer had a 10-value card facedown. But l0s, jacks, Queens, and Kings make up only 30.8 percent of the cards, so skip the insurance.

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And Don't forget, Stay Out of Debt
Occasionally you will use someone else's money to play poker. Whether this is a good idea or a bad one depends on whose money it is and how you get it.

Borrowing money to play poker is not a good idea. It's hard enough to play well when you are on tough money, that is, money you already have, but need for another purpose, like rent or food. As I noted in my book Casino Gambling the Smart Way, "If you play with money you can't afford to lose, you will lose." Playing perfect poker often requires you to bet or raise with small advantages: This practice makes money in the long run but creates unacceptable fluctuations for the inadequately capitalized player.
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