Playing the Game

Dealing Online Blackjack Games is more boring than playing black-jack. The dealer's actions are cut and dried. A set of rules fixed by the casino decides whether the dealer takes an additional card. The dealer does not try to beat you; rather the dealer must play the hand according to the established and publicly proclaimed rules. It makes no difference to the honest dealer whether your cards are face up or face down. The honest dealer has no influence over the outcome of your hand. The greedy dealer roots for you in expectation of a toke if you win and in hope of a toke even if you lose.

You make choices all the time. Casino rules limit your options, but at least you can make decisions that affect the outcome of your hand. Sometimes two players firmly disagree on how to play a particular hand. Most of the time when you have a choice, one alternative is superior to all others. Sometimes the correct choice is obvious, but at other times the choice that you know to be correct looks stupid to anyone watching you.

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Why Would a Truly Great Player Want/Need to be Staked?
A tournament player may just not have the bankroll to handle the swings (bankroll fluctuations~ inevitable to tournament life, where a player might lose 20 events in a row before a big score. A money player's bankroll could be vulnerable for non-poker reasons, or he might have an opportunity in a high stakes game where he isn't willing to risk his whole bankroll, even if he believes he's a favorite to win.
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