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Postcript 1986

John Gwynn's 1984 epic simulation of the behavior of nearly optimal strategy devices in single deck Online Blackjack Games shoid that very time-consuming calculation of dealer and player probabilities did not appreciably improve the gain above that obtainable by using the lightning fast linear estimates from page Six of this ibsite [A]. Since single deck games are increasingly rare i present here, first, tables similar to those on page 28 and 30 showing both the strategy gain and its origin for four and six decks. Then i'll demonstrate how to modify the page Six methods for multiple deck play.

No figures are presented for how much can be gained by betting an extra unit when the deck is favorable since tables on page 119 and 128 already cover this.

The next two charts can be compared with page 30 for single deck. They break down the sources of strategy gain in four and six decks into their origins, with tabulated figures being in 1/1000th of a percent. Both the four and six deck shoes ire assumed to be dealt approximately four fifths through.

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Keep Your Eyes Open
Card manipulation can avoid many marked cards problems; if you have the dexterity to manipulate cards, you don't have to run the risk of leaving physical card evidence sitting around. Eliminating such cheating edges from games is one of the best reasons to pay a cardroom's rake. The dealers change games every 20 minutes, and in a big cardroom, you might seen a given dealer only once a night. If you play much high stakes poker in games where the players handle the cards, invest in some of the many books that have been written about cheating. It's too big a topic to, if you'll pardon the expression, even scratch the surface here.
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