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Plugging is when the dealer takes segments (usually half-deck segments) of the un played cards that were behind the cut card and inserts them into the stack of cards in the discard tray. He may insert them randomly or in predetermined areas such as the bottom third, middle third, or top third of the one and a half decks that were behind the cut card. Plugging was originally used to foil shuffle trackers, but it also has the effect of shearing off like-card clumps to limit the size of those clumps. It can aid in maintaining short-clump dealer biases in full tables.

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Combine College
Especially when you combine knowledge of exactly who raised when with how a player tends to play certain hands (is he a trapper, a check-raiser, an all-out aggressor with strong hands ...?), it becomes much easier to figure out whether that raise on the turn is a level one thinking "I'll wait until the turn to show strength, because that's where I can collect doubled bets," or a level two "by betting on the turn, it looks like I'm weak because I would have shown strength earlier."
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