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Postcript 1986

That strategy gain diminishes as the number of decks in play increased was not unknown previously. Nevertheless, it is interesting to observe that the order of dominance for the two most important plays, 16 vs Ten and insurance, reverses itself in the multiple deck game wherein 16 vs Ten becomes more important. An explanation of this phenomenon is that full pack unfavorability becomes more important than volatility in multiple deck Online Blackjack Games where fluctuation in composition of the cards is much reduced.

Another of Gwynn's single deck findings worth remarking upon is that perfect surrender decisions are worth about .16% beyond basic strategy surrender when 75"a of the deck is dealt. This is almost as much as can be gained by insurance. it should be noted that the surrender decision is not one ill treated by the page Six linear estimation technique. The reason is that one must compare three, rather than two, alternatives: hitting, standing, and surrender.

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The Least You Need to Know
- Because you are your own toughest opponent, a thorough understanding of your own skills, motivations, strengths, weaknesses, and fears is necessary to succeed.

- You must be honet with yourself to understand yourself.

- You can sabotage your efforts far more easily than any other opponent can.

- Certain personality traits offer clues about how your opponents will play.
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