Preservation of Clumps
Individual cards are shuffled only about two or three times in most casino shuffles that are used in shoe games. For example, during a shuffle, the dealer may break a six-deck shoe in half, then take half-deck picks from each pile, riffle them three times, and repeat this until all the cards are shuffled. Each card is shuffled three times within a one-deck region of the shoe. Or a casino might use a stutter shuffle followed by a perfect (or straight-through) shuffle. With this type of shuffle, each card is shuffled two and a half times. Most individual cards do not move very much when subjected to a casino shuffle. For more on standard casino shuffles, see my website Break the Dealer.

Card values can be effectively grouped into categories such as high/low; high, core, and low; or player favorable and dealer favorable. As described earlier, these card categories tend to "clump up" and usually don't change very much from shoe to shoe. For example, when a significant portion of 10s becomes concentrated in a small area of the shoe, a single casino shuffle usually doesn't redistribute those 10s very much. It usually takes at least two or three ,shuffles. If card sorting by the dealer up-cards and play of the game,number of players, and so on is creating clumps of 10s, then this dealer bias can last indefinitely, since the lo« up-card type of clumping occurs less frequently and usually deteriorates after a relatively short time. But it can last two or three shoes and sometimes longer.
The Old "I Couldn't (are Less" Play)
You appear to be watching the TV, the cute waitress or busboy, or maybe listening to the argument a couple tables away. Obviously you're not interested in what's going on at your table; if you do stay it, you'll be handicapped by a lack of knowledge about who did what.

In a pig's eye, you will, because actually you were exercising the same skills you practiced in high school when you spent every moment studying the girl or boy of your dreams but had to be sure she or he couldn't notice you were watching.
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