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Playing Strength

The proper relative importance to attach to betting efficiency and playing efficiency depends on several factors: depth of penetration, permissible increase in bet, and playing efficiency restricted to favorable decks. Assuming the same penetration used in the previously mentioned Gwynn simulations the following empirical formula provides such a iighting by estimating the average profit available in terms of the basic betting unit. if K units are bet on all decks diagnosed as favorable and one unit is bet otherwise, the average improvement due to card counting is approximately

[8(K-1) - BE + 5(K + 1) –PE]1000

units per hand, where BE is betting efficiency and PE is playing efficiency. (One should allow about 20% more for Las Vegas rules and 10% less for Reno.) The formula suggests the two efficiencies are almost equally important for a 1 to 4 betting scale and that betting efficiency is rarely more than one and a half times as important as playing efficiency.

in summary, then, the player who is shopping around for a best single parameter card counting
system has a choice betien

Strategy Efficiency
Betting Efficiency
Best Strategy System
Best Betting System
[ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ]
Pot-limit also involves a range of permitted betting, but in a different way. The upper limit is always equal to the current size of the pot. A raise is always calculated such that the cost to call is included in the size of the pot.

Here's how it works. In a $1-$2 pot-limit game, the first player in the pot has several choices. He can, of course, fold. He can call for the minimum, $2. He can raise. If he raises, he can choose from a range of bets. The minimum raise is $2. The maximum is the size of the pot after he puts in the $2 (which is considered a call), or $5. Thus the opener can make any of the following bets: $2, $4, $5, $6, or $7.
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