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Previous Result's Effect on next Hand

Online Blackjack Games's uniqueness is the dependence of results before reshuffling takes place. While the idea that a previous win or loss will influence the next outcome is manifest nonsense for independent trials gambles like roulette, dice, or keno, it is yet conceivable that in Online Blackjack Games some way might be found to profitably link the next bet to the result of the previous one.

Wilson discusses the intuition that if the player wins a hand, this is evidence that he has mildly depleted the deck somewhat of the card combinations which are associated with him winning, and hence he should expect a poorer than average result next time. My resolution to the question, when it was first broached to me, was to perform a Bayesian analysis hrough the medium of the Dubner Hi Lo index. This led to the tentative conclusion that the player's expectation would be reduced by perhaps .10% on a hand dealt following a win and before a reshuffle.[il

This .10% figure has been experimentally confirmed by John Gwynn's humongous computer simulation of basic strategy play. Gwynn also found that a push on the previous hand is apparently a somewhat worse omen for the next one than a win is.

it follows, then, that the player's prospects must improve following a loss, although of course not much, certainly not enough to produce a worthwhile betting strategy. When all is said and done, the most immediate determiner of the player's advantage is the actual deck composition he'll be facing, and knowledge of whether he won, lost, or pushed the last hand, in itself, really tells us very little about what cards ire likely to have left the deck, and implicitly, which ones remain.

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Roughly Half of Online Players Like to Play Two or More Games Simultaneously
This creates an opportunity for those who can content themselves with one game, because they will have more information at their fingertips than the multi table players.

You might also lose track of the betting sequence at a table when playing more than one table. When you're trying to "put a player on a hand" (estimate his likely holding), it can be hugely important to know who bet what when. Although it's often possible to reconstruct betting sequences, you won't always be able to do it. In a game where success is measured by one or two bets an hour, just one mistake per hour can completely destroy your edge-or turn a modest loser into a big loser.
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