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Random Subsets stratified

The "special" system for playing totals of thirteen involved knowledge only of the remaining sevens and eights, the one for fourteen a combination of the Hi Opt i and the sevens, and that for sixteen an adjustment of the Hi Opt i count by twice the difference betien the number of remaining sixes and fives. "Six-Five", the determination to stand solely on the basis of whether there remain more sixes than fives, was, by itself, more efficient for standing with sixteen than the Hi Opt i or Ten Count, scoring generally above 60%.

Extreme discontinuities in efficiencies as a function of the number of cards in the subset can usually be explained by one of the system's realizable values being very close to its critical change of strategy parameter. For example, the Ten Count's critical change ratio for standing with 15 is close to 2 others to 1 ten, and efficiencies take a noticeable dip with 12, 15, 18, and 21 cards in the deck. The Hi Opt i critical index for 15 is close to +l/17 or +l/18 and efficiency suffers correspondingly with 17 and 18 remaining cards. in such cases the card counting system, whether it suggests a change in strategy or not, is using up a considerable part of its probability distribution in very marginal situations.

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Joining an Existing Game
Let's look at how the Internet can work for you and examine reasons why you might want to be cautious in using it.

There are many online poker discussion groups and mailing lists and all have frequent postings either from participants in existing games soliciting more players or from those looking for games.

The granddaddy of all online poker discussion groups is rec. gambling. poker (this is a newsgroup, not a website), widely known among participants simply as RGP. And those participants are frequently called RG Pers.
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