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Seeing Faster

Peter Giles says:

I enrolled in dealer's school to see what I could learn to aid my game. I found that many break-ins are very nervous and overanxious. I discovered a new trick for this kind of dealer. If you move your cards forward as though you were getting ready to scratch for a hit, they will often start sliding the top card forward in anticipation. As most schools teach their students to tilt the deck back (so card-markers cannot see the marks), it is often easy to get a peek at the top card. A little training with a tachistoscope and nothing can slip by you - burn cards, bottom cards, hole cards, top cards - if it is flashed before your eyes, no matter how quickly, you can pick it up.

As a tachistoscope is primarily an educational tool, it can be obtained at educational supply houses. It is a fairly simple instrument - basically a slide projector with a timing device, accompanied by a screen.

When I started using a tachistoscope, I knew little more about Online Blackjack Games than that it existed. This was somewhere in the mid-sixties. I was on a mission of conquest, as usual, and the enemy was myopia. I had heard that Aldous Huxley had become nearly blind - he could read the large E on the standard eye chart at three feet - and had acquired 20-20 vision by the use of some very simple drills designed to relax and make proper use of the involuntary muscles in the eves. Somewhere in the twenties a man by the name of William Bates decided that modern optics was on the wrong track. He came to the conclusion that almost all visual problems were psycho-logical in nature, and he spent most of his life proving it. Huxley contacted his chief disciple, a woman by the name of Margaret D. Corbett. With her help, he corrected his vision.

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Telling Lies and Getting Paid
This is when the deceit and lying come into play. If a bet truly meant, "I have a strong hand," then that would be the end of it unless the opponent had a very good hand of his own. Poker is a game of incomplete information with a lot of built-in deception, though, so confrontations are frequent. Good hands get paid off and bluffs succeed.
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