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September 1985

The best news this month was from Las Vegas; it was Westward Ho's coupon website "for invited guests only." At the time, this was the most valuable coupon website I had ever seen. I attended the "Howaiian Luau," and was told that the "Grubstake jamboree" and two other annual events had the same coupon website.

One coupon in the website entitled you to buy 25 dollar coins for $20, a $5 value.

A roulette coupon paid 40 to 1 when you hit 0 or 00. You kept the coupon until your number hit. Your expectation was to make 38 bets to use your coupon. If you bet the maximum $5 per roll, your expectation was to invest $190 to win $200, making this coupon worth $10.

That is $15 of expected value so far, and we have not even gotten to the really valuable coupons. By the time we are done with them, you probably will have forgotten about these first two.

Craps. Two of the coupons were for craps. One al-lowed you to push with a roll of 6-6 with a pass-line bet; pass-line bets normally lose to 6-6 on the come-out roll. You kept the coupon until 6-6 was rolled. On average it takes 36 come-out rolls to roll 6-6 once, and the casino's normal edge over 36 come-out rolls is approximately half a bet. Another way of saying the same thing is instead of the casino having 1.4 % edge over you, you had 1.4 % edge over the casino for an expected 36 bets. Thus this coupon had an expected value of half a bet. If you bet the maxi-mum $100 per come-out roll, your expected win was $50.

Now Poker Differs from Other Casino Games
Casinos are not social service organizations; they have no interest in distributing their wealth to their customers. They offer games that allow the average customer to win occasionally, and the expert customer to win more frequently, solely because those wins are the carrots that lure losing players back time after time.

If you are truly expert in video poker, blackjack, or sports betting, though, you will quickly find that casinos will either cut you off entirely (most people have heard stories of blackjack players getting barred), or reduce the amount you are allowed to bet (the most common approach taken with winning sports bettors).
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