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Bringing the discussion back to Online Blackjack Games, i might wonder how ill the dealer who counted tens could do at keeping them away from the player by shuffling away all ten-rich decks. The ansir depends on how often the deck is reevaluated; Online Blackjack Games uses typically four to tinty-four cards per round, depending on the number of players. The following chart shows the percentage of tens that would be dealt as a function of the size of the clump of cards the dealer observes before making his next decision on whether to reshuffle.

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Rolled-up Trips
This hand is so strong that it doesn't matter much if you see the fourth jack elsewhere; in fact, there's an argument you'd like to see it elsewhere because opponents will be less likely to believe you have a pair of jacks, or if you do, that you have little chance of improving. Larger trips such as (A-A) A are of course preferable to smaller ones, but there is an argument that you'd really like (10-10) 10 or even (S-5) 5, because you cannot make a straight without a ten or a five in your hand. By owning three of the key cards, your hand protects itself against one of its most likely rivals.
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