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Soft Doubles
It's just a Online Blackjack Games fact of life. Whether it be not hitting enough, not doubling enough or doubling too much, nearly all players bungle their soft hands. As a playing aid, remember this fundamental soft hand rule:
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Play Big Pairs
A-A, K-K, and Q-Q are definitely not as valuable in Omaha as they are in hold'em, but they still have considerable value if they are part of a coordinated hand. With aces, it's most important for the coordination to be in suit; with kings and queens, suits are nice, but it's probably more important that the cards coordinate for a straight, with starting hands like K-K-Q J or Q-Q-K-10.

Small pairs are trouble in Omaha. They often lead to small sets that get beat by bigger sets, or more often still, small full houses that get beat by bigger full houses.
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