Soft Hands

If you do not have a pair, then see if you have an ace. Aces count your choice of one or eleven. A hand in which an ace counts eleven is called a soft hand, and the total points in it is called a soft total. The second part of table 1 explains how to play soft hands.

The double-down advice is broken down into db and dbs. The reason is you need to know what to do with a particular total if you cannot double down. For ex ample, suppose you have soft eighteen and the dealer shows 3. Your best play is to double down, so that is what you do if you can. But if your soft eighteen is a three-card hand, say ace-2-5, then you probably will not be allowed to double down. The table lists "dbs" for that hand, which means if you are not allowed to double down then you should stand.

Note that sometimes it is correct to hit eighteen. If you have soft eighteen and the dealer shows 9, 10, or ace, then hitting your soft eighteen is better than standing on it.

One decision that is very close is soft thirteen against 5. It does not matter whether you hit or double down.

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Play Big Card
Big pairs beat small pairs. Two big pair beat two small pair. Big straights beat small. straights. High flushes beat low flushes. Low-stakes Omaha games tend to feature of people seeing the flop. That makes this guideline particularly important when it comes to straights and flushes, because it's extremely common to see more than one straight or flush.
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