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Some Extremely interesting Facts

Thorp presents the classic example of a sure win with (7,7, 8,8,8) remaining for play, one person opposing the dealer. (7,7,7,7,8,8,8,8) gives a higher expectation of 120% but allows the possibility of a loss. This may be the richest (highest expectation) subset of a 52 card deck. An infinite deck composition of half aces and half tens maximizes the player's chance for Online Blackjack Games but gives an expectation of only 68% whereas half sevens and half eights will yield an advantage of 164%. These figures are arrived at using the assumption that, except for aces, up to four cards may be split; with this proviso a deck of all twos, all threes, or all eights would provide a profit of 400% per hand.

An ordinary pinochle deck would give the player about a 45% advantage with proper strategy, assuming up to four cards could be split. insurance would always be taken when offered; hard 18 and 19 would be hit against dealer's ten; and, finally, (A,9) would be doubled and (T,T) split regardless of the dealer's up card.

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It's a Lollapalooza
An old story illustrates why you better be certain you know all the hands recognized in a particular game. Jim is playing draw poker in a home game with a bunch of strangers and he's losing. Finally he gets the hand he's been waiting for, a royal flush, and he and Tex get all their chips in the pot. Jim proudly shows his cards and starts to pull in the chips.
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