Readers Disagree

The above exchange prompted a few letters from other readers. Axel Freed, a highly-skilled, successful Online Blackjack Games player, says: I generally will not toke during play, but if I have had a profitable and pleasant session I will leave some-thing when I cash in. Some dealers, however, expect tokes whenever a player is betting big and winning. One young male dealer was particularly upset that I was not toking, and showed it in the way he slammed down the cards. The session was profitable but unpleasant, so I did not toke when I left.

Another player says: From personal experience I disagree with your position on tokes and support Ian Anderseri s toking policy. There are many occasions I can remember where a dealer dealt further into a deck when I was toking. I am confident that the dealers knew the rudiments of counting, for they would let tokes ride at the appropriate moments. Furthermore, these same dealers shuffled earlier when the count was negative.

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Home Game Poker
Don't make the mistake of thinking "I've played poker at home and done well; I can skip Part 2 and focus on the rest of the book." Even those readers who have played in dozens of different kinds of home games will find important tips here. A few of the home game (and home game management) tips will help you with your casino and/or Internet poker, too.
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