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Online Blackjack Games Computations

The coefficients, i - P(i), shrink rapidly and a very satisfactory estimate of E(J) for J > 3 could be achieved by extrapolation from the calculated value of E(2). To do this i introduce an artificial E(1) (without any reference to pair splitting), as the iighted average expectation of the hands (8,A) (8,2)... (8,7), (8,9),(8,T). These expectations would already be available from the general Online Blackjack Games program and provide us with the base point for our extrapolation. For infinite decks all E(i) would, of course, be the same.

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2001: A Cyberspace Oddity
Eons ago, in 2001, online poker players didn't have many options, and of course you had to worry that a dinosaur might eat or step on your computer (they were usually drawn to the smells that those ancient coal-burning computers produced).

There were a few Internet poker rooms that had enough players to offer games 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. If you were lucky, they even offered one table of the exact game and stake level you were looking for. Online tournaments were a gleam in programmers' eyes and software wasn't too buggy. You could find lots of games and players everywhere, as long as you were playing at
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