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Sorting Edges

Casino Management, Bill Friedman suggests a novel way of getting an edge at Online Blackjack Games. It amounts to sorting edges of Bee cards.

Examine the two ends of the back of a Bee card. Are they identical? In some decks they are, but in others every card in the deck has a leading edge that is easily distinguishable from the trailing edge. Likewise the left edge is different from the right edge. Friedman suggests that as you play at a game with such cards, you align each card so that the backs of the cards have meaning to you.

Though Friedman did not use his system himself, I know a pro who has used it in a casino with good results.

Of course you must be able to get a good look at either the next card to be dealt or the dealer's hole card to use the information in the sorted edges. In hand-held games, most dealers show you neither the back of the pack nor the hole card long enough for you to read the edge. With some dealing-shoes, a person with good eyesight can see the edge of the next card to be dealt.

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What Caused the Boom?
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