The player always has the option of standing (refusing additional cards at any time. The usual procedure is to give a hand signal rather than a verbal one. To indicate to the dealer that you wish to stand, simply wave your hand palm down over your cards. Just remember that in Atlantic City, and many other places where multi-decks are used, you are never permitted to touch your cards or your initial bet. The dealer will then move on to the next player. In many Nevada games the cards are dealt face down and the players pick them up to play the hand. A standing signal in this game is given by tucking your first two cards dealt (the ones you are holding in your hand) under your chips.

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Considerations Involved in hanging the Stakes
Sometimes players want or need to change stakes. Usually the players want higher, but sometimes the stakes need to be reduced.

There are two different times when the stake-changing issue arises.

The first comes up when the players decide the overall game dynamic isn't what they want: It's either too rough or too meaningless. Before changing stakes, make sure that everyone in the group is comfortable with the change and doesn't feel trapped by peer pressure. If Fred is already losing enough each week to jeopardize his home situation and the game changes from $5-10 to $10-20, Fred may need to drop out even if he doesn't want to say so in front of everyone. But if the game just seems no fun because the stakes are too low for everyone but Fred, talk it over as a group and, if appropriate, take a vote.

It doesn't have to be unanimous, but seriously consider how much the lone objector contributes to the ambience and dynamic of the game. If everyone really likes Fred, or if Fred is the game's biggest regular loser and doubling the stakes will mean Fred will drop out, raising the stakes could prove much costlier to the remaining players than it initially appears. Instead of winning twice as much, good players may actually win less.
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