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Table Selection

When selecting a table to play, don't just enter the first games you come to with an open seat. Observe the table for evidence of winning. These are the three key words-evidence of winning. Do the players have chips in front of them? Are they happy? Are they talking to one another? If not, look for another games. '1'his idea is expanded upon in 7, where Online Blackjack Games's winning factors are discussed in detail.

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The Online Experience Helps the Mentorinq Process
With the explosive growth of online poker sites, a mentor can now watch you play online and give direct advice. This creates long-distance teaching possibilities that didn't exist before widespread Internet play.

In the typical scenario, your mentor logs on to the poker site of your choice, watches you play, and critiques your plays while they happen. This is the very moment that the input might make the most lasting impression on you. Sometimes the mentor watches for awhile, takes notes, and then discusses with you later about how to improve.
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