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Team Play
A corollary is that the $2 bettor must get out of the way when the count is high - perhaps run over to the crap table every five minutes or so. There is an act for you - a two-game-playing $2-betting drunk running between the 21 table and the crap table, while his Online Blackjack Games-playing partner flat bets $100!

Craps at a crap table has a negative expectation. For zero-expectation craps, how about a $2 bettor with diarrhea on positive counts?

A reader says: Here is an example of something, that happened three times. After a sizeable win, my wife and I divided our chips equally before cashing them in. When I cashed in $400, the cashier got on the phone and gave a general description of me. My wife cashed in $400 and no phone call was made. I think I should have my wife cash in all the chips.
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Evaluating Potential Mentors
- To evaluate the person you want as a mentor, think about the following: What limits does he play?
- What is the quality of his competition? What games does he succeed in?
- If you're interested in tournament mentoring, what tournaments has he made
- final tables in or won?
- If he's a writer, how well does he communicate?
- What do others think of his writing and teaching abilities?
Realize that someone who plays $80-$160 hold'em exclusively, or only no-limit tournaments, may not necessarily be your best teacher if you want to learn how to beat the smaller limits.
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