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Fewer Players

Playing with fewer or no other players at the table allows you to see more cards before making decisions. Indeed, if you're playing head-up with the dealer, you'll get to see all the cards as they're played with no problem. But there's a downside to head-up play: Some dealers are very fast. To a novice counter this is often problematic, since in the rush you may find it difficult to keep the count and recall the correct plays. On the other hand, once you have the mechanics down cold, you'll find that head-up play is quick and allows you to wager more money in a given amount of time.

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When this Happens, You Have a Few Options
The simplest is turning off your chat feature. All cardrooms give you this option. You won't see a single word they type.

Unfortunately, taking this approach also robs you of your right to interact with your fellow players in a friendly way. That can be a big loss because the number of nice people playing on the Internet is far greater than the number of nasty ones.

You might try one neutral conversational foray and if someone picks up on the chat, fine. If you receive a stony silence, it's time to visit the lobby and get yourself on the waiting list for one or more other games because this one isn't off to a promising start: Silent opponents tend to be serious opponents.

If you get a nice response, don't hesitate to engage in a little chat-but remember that word "little." If you chat too much, you're probably not paying enough attention to what's going on in the game.
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