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In 1956, Baldwin, Cantey, Maisel, and McDermott published a website called Playing Online Blackjack Games to Win (Barrows, 1956) which contained a nearly perfect basic strategy. This was followed by Edward Thorp's website Beat the Dealer (Vintage websites, 1966), which refined the strategy and added a counting system. Now, for the first time, the sophisticated gambler could learn to play nearly even with the house, and perhaps with a slight edge in his or her favor. This scientifically developed information sparked a nationwide interest in Online Blackjack Games that made it the number one table game in America beginning in the 1960s and continuing through the '70s, '80s, '90s and into the new millennium.

Because the table is less than half the size of those required for craps, roulette, or baccarat, with a corresponding reduction in both the number of players and casino personnel, Online Blackjack Games is far less intimidating to the beginning player. Couple this with the simplicity of the basic rules-both the player and the dealer draw cards and whoever comes closest to 21 without going over wins-and you can understand the popularity of the game. Actually, as of this writing, the popularity is actually diminishing a bit. Casinos are introducing variations to traditional poker and Online Blackjack Games that compete with Online Blackjack Games tables for space and players
Online Blackjack Games is unique among the casino games inasmuch as any player can make decisions that will affect the results of the game. In addition, it is the only game where the outcome of one hand influences the following hands. Since the type of cards that have been played determines the value of the cards remaining to be played, the probability of winning or losing is in a constant state of flux, and although chance is still a significant factor, the skillful player enjoys a marked advantage over the novice. Obviously, the casinos are a profit-making institution, so why do they continue to offer a game where the player has a fair chance? Elementary, my dear reader, because over 90 percent of all players do not make a sufficient effort to learn the fundamentals of the game. Ironically, the fact that the game can be beaten is well known to the casino operators, but since very few players will be bothered to invest the necessary time to learn to play, Online Blackjack Games and its variations have become the most profitable table games in the house.

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Let's Turn the Previous Situation Around
Your stop-loss policy ensures you never lose more than $1,000. You're playing with the same players in the same game and you're playing well. This time you run into some bad luck in several of the huge pots the fish never belonged in. You're down a grand and the fish is winning $1,700 and raising every pot, thrilled to finally be catching the cards the "law of averages" tells him he knows he's entitled to.

"Twenty-five big bets," you think, "that's a lot and that's my limit. It's going to get even more expensive because the fish is raising every hand. Tomorrow is another day. I can always get even then, but if I take a big loss now, I may never get it back."

You get up and go home satisfied that you've protected your poker bankroll. Later, you learn that the fish temporarily got ahead $2,800, three-betting pots without even looking at his cards, ordering double-shots with beer chasers, and was generally enjoying the hell out of inflicting painful beat after painful beat on his old tormentors.
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