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The Game Factor
The game factor is the key to finding winning tables. Here you are looking for signs that the game has what we will call "integrity." This means, essentially, that the game is going our way. Look for a game where the majority of the players are making their hands, where the dealer is breaking often, and where the dealer is not getting a lot of 10-value cards or aces. Where you see this, you are looking at a game with good integrity.

Look for games where the players are betting more aggressively, putting out money for double downs and splits without deliberation. This indicates that the players have been winning and expect to win more. Where you see players deliberating over their bet decisions, passing up chances to double down or split their hands, these are signs that the game is going badly and should be passed over.
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Unpaid Mentors
Advice from those you play with regularly can help, but recognize that if they continue to oppose you, they have good reason not to be too helpful. It's not impossible for you to run into someone who does indeed want to help you-just enough so that you don't get clobbered in the local games, but instead lose slowly, perhaps just slowly enough to shear you as a sheep many times rather than kill you once. You probably won't get much actually misleading advice, but players don't usually share secrets without some incentive.

Don't forget, of course, the next time you are tempted to credit a mentor for teaching you everything you know, he might say softly, "Yeah, but I didn't teach you everything I know."
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