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until doing so would bring your total over 21. Then revert the value of the Ace back to 1 and play your cards like the hard hand it has become.

The real problem for nearly all players however, is their soft double downs. That's when you double against a small up-card with an Ace and a small or medium card in your hand. For the typical Online Blackjack Games player, this is the very least understood category of hands -- and the very last to be learned.

When I first started playing Online Blackjack Games and saw other players doubling on soft hands, I thought to myself, "What the heck is the idea behind that?" Well, basically the idea behind any Online Blackjack Games maneuver is to play the hand in such a way as to provide the maximum return on your wager. First off, in order for any kind of doubling down to be beneficial you must be more likely to win the hand than lose it. Otherwise, why would you be jacking up your bet?

But just being a favorite on the hand isn't enough to make doubling down the right play. Doubling down must also return a greater profit than playing that hand any other way! With many soft hands against a weak dealer's up-card, you make money over time regardless of whether you hit or double. But with some of them, just hitting it makes more money (since it saves you the right to take a second hit when your first hit is too small)! In some cases you even go from an odds-on favorite to an underdog when you double down rather than hit. So you've got to know what you're doing when you start doubling down with a soft hand.

Proper soft doubling can gain the basic strategy player about 0.10% in six deck play, and a tad more with fewer decks. But many overly-aggressive players tend to double down with almost any soft hand against any small up-card. In fact, I think many players give more back to the house in bad soft doubles than they gain in good ones! Take a look at the two hands below.

[ 1 ][ 2 ]
Some People Have Natural Poker Faces
For reasons that probably go back to their childhoods, you can't tell when they are happy or sad, tired or energetic, nervous or calm.

Such a natural shield doesn't often help us socially-many people distrust those who don't let the world know what they are feeling-but it can certainly be a tremendous asset at the poker table, especially when our opponents stare us down.
Although sometimes called "the evil eye," there's nothing evil about a stare-down, of course. It just feels that way when you've pushed a significant bluff out there and your opponent sits and stares at you for a minute or two to see if you stop breathing
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