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Grouping Cards

Heath's system is equivalent to fortifying a primary Gordon count with information provided by the block of "middle" cards, {6,7,8,9}, there being no discrimination among these cards individually. As i can see from the following table of efficiencies for various blocks of cards properly used in support of the Gordon and Einstein systems, it would have been better to cut down on the number of cards in the blocked group.[C,D,E).

Primary Count Auxiliary Grouping Playing Efficiency
Gordon { 6,7,8,9 } 740
Gordon { 6,7,8 } 767
Gordon {6,7 } 741
Einstein { 7.8,9 } 756
Einstein {7.8 } 761
Einstein { 7 } .712

The optimal strategy point values in page Four show the 6, 7, and 8 function predominantly as low cards, with the 9 usually playing the role of a high card whose inclusion in the grouping 36,7,8,9} often cancels the effect of one of the others.

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Expect Miracles-Not!
First, make sure the price (this is usually an hourly rate) is reasonable. Occasionally mentors or teachers like to "gamble" with their students: They don't charge anything if the student doesn't have a winning year, but they take a percentage if the student does win. This clearly requires a certain trust level on the mentor's part and you shouldn't be insulted if a mentor who has never met you isn't interested in such a deal.

If what you seek is becoming a winner at low-level hold'em, it may not be costeffective to engage the services of a former world champion. Aim a bit lower first.

Don't buy too many lessons at the beginning of your lessons. Try a few lessons, play some, and see if the lessons help. If they do, take a few more, and play some more. And all the while, read books-good ones. Keep applying the advice to your play. You should be able to sense how much better you're playing. If someone tries to sell you a package of 50 lessons, run, do not walk, in the other direction. Poker teachers haven't earned the reputation of dance studios, but the year is young.

Watch out for mentors who frequently use the words "always" and "never." Poker is not a game of absolutes: Context is king. After you master basic principles, you will find out there are times when it's right not to follow them. Using hand guidelines can help you when you start, but everything in poker depends on circumstances. Sometimes you need to deliberately violate guidelines. A good mentor will teach you those times.
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