Multi-Deck Shoe Game

In the introduction to this side, we introduced the notion of non randomness. Scientists claim that nothing in this universe is really random, ergo everything must be predictable. Let's apply this notion to Online Blackjack Games.

In January 1990, the New York Times published an article by Gina Kolata describing the results of a major study on card shuffles. The study, conducted by Dr. Persi Diaconis, a Harvard mathematician, proved conclusively that it takes seven shuffles to obtain randomness in a single deck of cards. In describing the study results, Ms. Kolata wrote, "The realization that most shuffled decks are not actually random allows gamblers to improve their odds of winning." She went on to quote Dr. Diaconis: "There are people who go to the casino and make money on this," he said. "we know people who are out there doing that now." Diaconis may have been referring to my students and me, because we had known about this phenomenon for almost a decade prior to the publication of his study.

Most of our research was aimed at detecting biases in the shoe game because, even if the dealer shuffled seven times (and few, if any, do), with the extra decks it was still insufficient to obtain a random game.

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Expect Miracles-Not!
You should be able to sense how much better you're playing. If someone tries to sell you a package of 50 lessons, run, do not walk, in the other direction. Poker teachers haven't earned the reputation of dance studios, but the year is young.

Watch out for mentors who frequently use the words "always" and "never." Poker is not a game of absolutes: Context is king. After you master basic principles, you will find out there are times when it's right not to follow them. Using hand guidelines can help you when you start, but everything in poker depends on circumstances. Sometimes you need to deliberately violate guidelines. A good mentor will teach you those times.

If a potential mentor guarantees that you'll be a winner, find someone else. The mentor has no idea what your potential is. Guaranteed improvement is credible; guaranteed winning is not.
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