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The House Edge

Before you can intelligently attempt to beat the casino at Online Blackjack Games, you have to realize where their edge comes from in the first place. In this games, you're not just betting with 18 ways to win and 20 ways to lose the way you are with "red" in roulette.

No, Online Blackjack Games is not that simple, and it's not that absolute. There are thousands upon thousands of variables involved. Still and all at first blush though, things seem pretty even. We mean, you're trying to make 21 and the dealer's trying to make 21. You draw cards and the dealer draws cards. If you both get 18, it's a "push". What could be fairer than that?

Well,things would be a lot fairer if you could get a push on 22; or on 26! But that’s not how it is.

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Do Win-Lose Scenarios Bother You?
Many poker players understand from practical experience that most of their big winning nights in money games happen when one or more opponents are getting crushed. Even though they may feel for the guy who is getting walloped, they stick around for the kill, knowing that if they abandon their seat, some other player will win the money that the doomed player seems determined to lose.
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