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The importance of the Seven

Some of the multiparametric approaches to particular strategy changes are startling in their simplicity and poir. i've already seen the importance of the seven for playing 14 v. Ten in conjunction with the Hi Opt i, or Einstein, count. Knowledge of the sevens alone, without the primary count at all, does almost as ill: the rule "stand if the density of sevens is less than half of normal" is about 70% efficient, while recognized card counting systems seldom do better than 20%. The further simplification, "stand if there are no sevens," is almost as effective, being equivalent to the previous rule if less than half the deck remains.

The Einstein correlation for the effects of removal is a mediocre .49 and will produce very little gain for the play.

For playing 16 v. Ten the remarkably elementary direction "stand when there are more sixes than fives remaining, hit otherwise," is more than 60% efficient. i will see in page Eleven that it consistently out-performs both the Ten Count and Hi Opt i. Of course, these are highly specialized instructions, without broader applicability, and i should be in no haste to abandon our conventional methods in their favor.

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Personalities and Styles Suited to Tournament Poker
Succeeding at tournament poker requires a different skill set than does succeeding at money poker. It also requires a different kind of emotional stability. The amount of luck needed to win a tournament varies dramatically depending on how the tournament is structured.

Possibly the best metaphor anyone has ever used to explain why the notion "poker is poker" is dead wrong when it comes to tournament poker and money poker comes from the world of tennis. Top-ranked hard-court players often find themselves almost helpless against relatively unknown clay-court specialists and the world's finest clay court players often don't even bother to enter hard-court tournaments. The two games look the same, but they aren't, an evaluation that applies even more forcefully to poker.
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