The K-O Rookie

be Let's assume we're playing head-up in a 2-deck game. For a double deck, the IRC is -4 and the key count is +1. We'll employ the K-O Rookie system with a unit of SS and a spread of 1 to 3 units.

The dealer shuffles and we're ready to go. At the start, the running count is the same as the initial running count of-4, so we bet just $5. The cards come out and we're dealt 5.6 while the dealer has a 4 up. Following basic strategy, we double down, and receive a y for a total of 20. The dealer turns over the downcard. a queen, and draws an 8 to bust. We win $1 ($5 for the original wager and $5 for the double). The RC is now -2.

Because the RC of -2 is still below the key count, we again bet $5. This time we're dealt 8,8 and the dealer has a 6 up. As prescribed by the basic strategy, we split our 8s. On the first hand we're dealt a jack and stand. On the second we receive a 5 and stand. The dealer turns over a 6 (for a total of 12) and hits the hand with a 7 for a total of 19. We lose $10 ($5 on each of our split hands) this round. Now the RC is +l, which is equal to the key count. We have the advantage! We go ahead and bet $15. May the cards with us.

[ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ 5 ][ 6 ][ 7 ]
Registration Ends and Musical Chairs Begins
After the final starting number is known, the stacks for nonstarters are removed. This explains why sometimes a tournament with 105 starters who are each given $1,000 in tournament chips finds itself with something like $105,895 in play. The extra chips come from stacks that got blinded off and then removed.

In some events, the draw resembles a raffle with seat cards that say "Table 4, Seat 6" and "Table 9, Seat 1" actually drawn one at a time from a rotating drum. It's more common in the technological age for a computer to spit out assignments randomly and for a Tournament Assistant (TA) to have a large stack of preprinted random seat slips waiting for players as they check in.

Players get the next seat in the stack when they buy in. The player just behind the fellow who draws Table 3, Seat 7 does not get Table 3, Seat 8 (barring an unusual coincidence). He gets a random seat and is not allowed to ask for a different one.
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