Exit Strategy

Thus, in a 6-deck game. we can leave after 1 deck has been dealt if the running count is less than or equal to-22. So if we're playing at a 6-deck table and notice that 1/4 of the way through the shoe (1 1/2 decks dealt), the running count suddenly falls to -24, it's beneficial for us to exit the game. Similarly, in an 8-deck game, you can leave after playing 3 decks if the running count is less than or equal to -22, and so forth.

Leave If
6-deck RC < 8-deck
After 1 deck dealt -22 -32
After 2 decks dealt -17 -27
After 3 decks dealt -12 -22
After 4 decks dealt - -17

Of course, adopting the exit strategy requires you to roughly estimate the number of decks already played. However, the deck estimation need not be too accurate: anything within 20°Io will do.

We can now introduce the exit strategy into the K-O Fabulous Fives 6-deck variation. Remember, we've shifted the IRC by +17, so we need to adjust the exit counts by the same amount. This leaves us with the following conditions for a 6deck game: Leave at -5 or less after 1 deck is played; leave at 0 or less after 2 decks; and leave at +5 or less after 3 decks. Again, all values are divisible by 5.

The proper use of an exit strategy will nearly double your win-rate per hand. Not surprisingly, this is because you avoid situations with unfavorable conditions. The combination of a higher expectation coupled with a larger average bet size yields a tremendous gain in the win rate.

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