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System Rookie

It's time to start putting what we've learned to practical use. As we've made clear throughout this website, the K-O system was designed to incorporate the best combination of strength and ease of use. It's powerful and it's easy-but it's not a "gimme." To capture the full potential of the system (and maximize your earnings), you'll have to study and practice. That said, however, we're at a point, right now, at which we can use our knowledge to actually play the game of black-jack with an advantage over the mighty house.

The K-O Rookie system, presented here, is a streamlined ultra-simple manifestation of the K-O technique. But it's also something more. In the purest sense, K-O Rookie is the essence of winning Online Blackjack Games. That's because winning at black-jack, more than anything else, is about bet variation-betting a lot when you have the advantage and betting a little when you don't. The K-O Rookie system shows you how to do exactly that.

Two subsets of players will benefit from this incarnation of the K-O counting system. The first consists of novice counters who find the initiation into the casino environment somewhat overwhelming. Playing "for real," with real money and real distractions often turns out to be quite daunting. Because of this, we've found that card counters making their debut in casinos sometimes do better starting with an extremely simple approach.

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Tournament Poker Basics
Despite what you might have seen in the Mel Gibson/Jodie Foster movie Maverick, poker tournaments do not share money poker's rich century and a half of folklore and tradition. The tournament phenomenon is much more recent, but has been enjoying a period of explosive growth in the twenty-first century.

There are many different kinds of poker tournaments, but certain elements are common to all. IT discuss the common elements before you start learning the differences.
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