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The Last Thing

IIn fact, in this last picture the players have accrued a 1/2% advantage on the next blind hand coming up rather than the usual 1l2% disadvantage. If you're already there, stay and increase your bets. If you're scouting this table from behind, get in there and gamble!

Whether you're winning or losing has nothing to do with it. When the shoe (or deck) contains extra high cards, there are going to be more bonus-paying Online Blackjack Gamess, more 10's on your double downs and the dealer will have a tougher time filling in her mandatory draws. This is the edge you came to find. Low card layouts are your queue to move in!

Just how low of a layout do you need? With six decks in play, if the board contains eight more babies than 10's, you'll have a 1/4% edge on that shoe. Anything less isn't worth risking extra money on. Here's a picture of what a "+8 baby" layout looks like:

This board has ten babies, only two 10'.s and four "others" (the "others" don't matter in your board analysis). It typifies the minimum "baby blitz" you'll be looking for. The following chart will give you insight as to how your disadvantage evaporates as more babies are played out of a six deck shoe.

6 Deck Shoe
Board is Plaver has a
even 1/2% disadvantage
+6 babies dead even game
+8 babies 1/4% edge
+11 babies 1/2% edge

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Rock Blunts Scissors and Aggressive Players Cut the Passive Players
If you notice that a player has gone into a holding pattern, refusing to play a hand until someone has been knocked out, you can take advantage of the situation by raising this player's blind with any two cards.

Your hand doesn't matter because your cautious opponent isn't going to play with you until or unless he picks up a big hand and that just doesn't happen very often. The odds against getting dealt pocket aces, kings, queens, or jacks-any of the four hands-are 55-1 against, and as you see in the table, the odds against hitting any single one of these hands are much higher.
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