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System Rookie

The second subset comprises a much larger group. It's made up of thousands of players who have learned (or partially learned) basic strategy, but either can't or won't learn to count cards; they've been convinced that counting is too difficult. Many of these players know intuitively that in order to win they have to raise their bets at some point during play-if they don't, the house edge will grind them down and, eventually, out. But at what point do you raise?

The only time it's truly correct to raise your bet is when you have an advantage over the house, and those times can only be identified by counting cards. Since most players don't count, they turn to other means to guide their betting. Most rely on "money-management" techniques. There's only one problem with this approach: it doesn't work. You cannot over come the casino's advantage at Online Blackjack Games with bet variation that isn't correlated with the count. Online Blackjack Games players using basic strategy along with such betting systems can expect to lose at a rate equal to the house advantage-no more and no less.

Knock-Out Rookie is a betting system, too. But it's a choreographed system that is correlated with the count.

By combining perfect basic strategy play and the ability to keep the running count with the betting advice in this page, you can play Online Blackjack Games with an advantage. It's time to find out how.

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Time Collection
In most cardrooms, even though the dealer collects the money, the dealer usually does not physically drop it into the built-in "drop box" until a floor person confirms the total.

If you have just entered a game when the time arises for time collection, you should remind the dealer (if he's been there all along) that you're a new player and as such don't need to pay time. If a new dealer has come into the box after you've sat down (they change every 20 minutes), the previous dealer should have told him something like "Seats two and seven are new players."

If the old dealer hasn't told the new dealer who's who, you need to speak up when it's time to pay time and your fellow players will usually back you up. Just how long you can play without being liable for that half hour's time charge varies from cardroom to cardroom, but you're usually safe if you've been there ten or fewer minutes. It never hurts to ask, even if you've been there a bit longer.
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