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In Chapter 5, we learned to use the K-O count values to size our bets from "small to big." The discussion in this site concentrates on enhancing our results by improving (fine tuning) our betting tactics.

For many, this will be the most difficult chapter to follow. Still, we encourage you to read it through; for while the explanations of these "proportional betting" techniques may be daunting, the applications are not.

Before examining these betting methods, we will touch, once more, on the pivot point and the key count.

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Online Poker Guru Tips
Once all the cards have been dealt in poker games, betting won't win you the pot by making it too expensive for your opponent to see another card. You want adversaries to improve just enough to pursue the hand, so you can take even more money from them in poker games. (However, an attempt to check and then raise can be risky and cost you a bet. Unless you're quite sure your opponent will bet if you check to him, it's best to just go ahead and bet.) In poker games There are no other cards to come , and the winning hand has already been dealt.
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