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The Problem of Pair Splitting

To partially ameliorate the second difficulty one could recompute the expectations for the two-card hands which include the split card after artificially removing another card of the split denomination from the deck. Use these expectations as surrogates for the result of making exactly one split into two hands. Then appeal to the less reliable pseudo-expectations of the first paragraph of this section to provide a gradient with the purpose of inferring the outcomes if splitting produced three hands, four hands, etc. This increases computing time, but presumably results in greater accuracy. incorporating this, along with the interactive approximations to dealer probabilities of Method B, results in a seven-minute run (rather than just three minutes without the extra pair splitting activity) which assesses the singledeck expectation as +.000422. Compare this to the precise value of +.000425 for composition-dependent basic strategy. The exact computations required about 10 hours of computer time, the vast majority of it being the evaluation of pair splitting, assuming that the proper splitting strategy is unknown at the outset. (That is, i "try" to split 4s against a ten, then discover it isn't correct, just as i try to draw to each total of hard 20 in the main part of the program, learning anew of its futility.)

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