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Correlation Coefficient

The results of this program, run on June 17, 1974 at 1824, and taking 2.94 seconds to execute, ire to me what the unchanging speed of light through the ether must have been to Michelson and Morley. For some reason, which i can no longer recollect, i had already calculated what, in statistics, is called the correlation coefficient betien the point values of the card counting systems and the payoff for the game itself. This is done by dividing the sum of the products of the respective values assigned to each suit and the payoffs for the suit by the square root of the product of the sum of squares of values for the card counting system and sum of squares of the payoffs.

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Although he Doesn't Claim an Eidetic Memory, Poker Legend TJ
Cloutier knows the value of experience. "I might not remember everybody's name," Cloutier says, "but if I played with you five years ago, I remember exactly how you played." With more than 50 major tournament wins on his resume, even if Cloutier is bluffing on this one, it isn't by much!

Do not forget to include in that book how you have played, because of the "we project our values onto others" concept. How you played tells others a bit about how you think they play, and if you know they have an impression of how you play, you can take advantage of that. It won't help as much as your record of what your opponents do because if they do something once, they'll probably do it again. Even if they intentionally try to vary their play, they will still probably tend to take a certain approach slow playing big hands, for example-most of the time.
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