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The Remaining

That's what'll happen more often than anything else. "But wouldn't that be a total of 60% heads instead of 50%?", you ask. Yes it would be. That's because those 10 extra heads (in the first 20 tosses) weren't likely to come up, but they did. Still, the most likely thing to happen from here on out is always the most normal thing! There is absolutely no tendency for tails to come up next.

But then, how do things balance out in the long run? Stay with me -- we're almost home. Let's say that because of such a wacky start, you decided to extend this little flipping experiment out to one million tosses, including the 20 flips you've just finished. How many total heads are you most likely to have when you're done? Remember -- all the remaining tosses should produce half heads and half tails. Then you'd have 500,010 heads, total -- still the same 10 heads above 50%. But the overall percentage of heads would fall to 50.001%! That's what's meant by, "Lop-sided results are not corrected; they just fade into the past. "

Do you see what's happened here? The ever-accumulating number of normal outcomes has diluted the impact of those first 20 straight heads until they've become virtually meaningless

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Internet Tournaments
These days, you can find almost any kind of tournament on the Internet that you can find in a B&M room. There are also quite a few that you can't find in B&M rooms because no one has a casino with enough tables and dealers for 8,000 simultaneous players.

Single-table Internet tournaments deserve special mention, because these sit-and-go affairs allow players to gain hugely valuable shorthanded tournament experience. If you normally play tournaments entered by 200 or more players, you won't reach many final tables. If you enter lots of Internet single-table tournaments, you are in essence playing a final table every time you play (albeit without the huge money pressure or the need for a poker face).
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